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Cell Charge Valet 14Oct11

CHARGE VALET” width=Have you ever turned off your phone for no reason? Two nights ago I did. I didn’t want to hear it ring, I didn’t want to have to answer my cell phone if it rang. I just wanted to have a night without the phone attached to my ear catching up with friends or family–which I love but I wanted a night where I wasn’t a slave to the phone.

Normally on nights that I have nothing to do I will call or send a text message to a friend or two to do dinner, dessert, or just come over to hang out. Generally if I am at home doing nothing, I watch bad reality TV and it’s always more fun with a friend. But instead, I turned off my phone. Well, I put it on silent in case there was an emergency, but I left it on the Charge Valet so I wouldn’t be tempted to check it every 5 minutes. It was nice to have a night of pure solitude, cooking, watching TV, and not having any phone distractions.

Now I am ready and charged up for the weekend – phone on and all! What’s your weekend plan?

Personalized Travel Tumbler 13Oct11

PERSONALIZED TUMBLERIn the interest of saving money, I have been thinking about ways to save just a dollar or two here and there. One of the easiest ways to spend (and waste) money is on all of those little purchases you make throughout the week. Those under five dollar, quick-grab items that you don’t really think twice about. I’ve heard it referred to as The Latte Factor.

Coffee in the morning is a MUST for me. I buy a cup of coffee every morning before work. Yes, yes, I know…I can save so much money every week if I just make coffee in the morning before I go to work. Honestly, I am just not a morning person. Sleep in the morning comes first. I prepare everything at night so I get a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning. I like being able to switch my coffee flavor on a whim. I love pumpkin coffee that you can find at almost any coffee shop in the fall. I want to find a way to make my favorite coffee concoction at home with as little effort as possible. I’ve heard that if you brew coffee with milk instead of water, you get more of a latte. I’m going to try that method with pumpkin spice creamer from the grocery store.

I’ll try out the new coffee and hopefully save some money. Now, all I need is a Personalized Travel Tumbler to put my homemade pumpkin spice latte in every morning. Are you a morning coffee person? What is your favorite?

Car Trash Can 26Sep11

CAKE POPS MAKEREveryone has a pet peeve. One of my biggest ones is when I go to use the milk and there is just a sip left. Why can’t the last person who used it either finish it off and replace it or at least let you know that there is very little left? I feel like the solution is so simple. Another pet peeve is ketchup (or any condiment ) in a tiny little packet. The issues I have with food in a packet are many. You always need a handful of packets, they never tear easily, at some point (its happened to all of us) the ketchup will squirt directly at you and ruin your new shirt, and the list goes on.

Never fear, Heinz has come up with a new ketchup packet! You can read all about it here. In a nutshell, Heinz has spent years coming up with a new way to get your ketchup on your fries. The Dip and Squeeze packets have to options; tear off the top (like your classic ketchup packets but easeir) or peel off the lid and reveal a small container (like dipping sauce for nuggets) that holds three times the amount of ketchup as an old-fashioned ketchup packet! So now, while the kids are in the back eating their favorite kids meal, the most you have to worry about is whether or not the trash is getting in the car trash can car trash can or going on the floor…another pet peeve! I guess Heinz can’t solve all of my problems.

What do you think about the new ketchup packet?

Fast Brite 08Aug11

FAST BRITEMaking sure the headlights on your car are clean is important when it comes to safe driving. You don’t want to have dirty headlights when you’re trying to see on dark, winding roads. Fast Brite is just what you need to keep your headlights clean.

Fast Brite is quick and easy to use and will restore shine to your headlights. It’s quick two-step process to use Fast Brite. First use Fast Brite’s Lens Polish, and then use Fast Brite’s Lens Protectant. It’s a simple solution to keeping those headlights clean and clear for a long time.

For just a fraction of the cost you might pay at a body shop to get great headlight results, the Fast Brite will get you the shine you’re looking for.