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Finding Another Route From Cleaning 14Mar11

Good morning!  Happy Monday.  I hope your weekend was full of fun, and maybe a little responsible and productive.  This weekend for me was full of more fun than responsibility, but I promise you I made up for it on Sunday evening when the responsibility of living in my own apartment without a maid caught up to me.

Now or LaterMy weekend was great and full of friends and fun.  The weekend basically started on Thursday night and didn’t stop.  So, what’s the best way to wind down from a busy and eventful weekend?  On a gorgeous 70 degree Sunday with procrastinating chores being the only thing on my mind, I grabbed my car and my friend, we put the GPS on the GPS Nav-Mat, and we went for a drive around the city with the windows down and sunroof open.  We didn’t really have anywhere to go or errands to run, but how do you pass up a day like that?  So, he made up an errand to run (pick up a few things at Whole Foods) and we took the longest route we could take to get there, which happened to be right by the waterfront (gorgeous!), and a long route back home.  GPS Nav MatI know we live in a city and we could have spent the day actually outside walking, playing, and/or running around, but sometimes a drive on a great day is just wonderful.

After the ride it was back to reality.  I dropped off my friend, and then I took a longer route back home (what’s a couple extra minutes of chore-procrastination to drive by the water again?).  Then it was back to reality. Since I had been away from my apartment all weekend, there was a lot of cleaning up to do and other domestic things to do – like grocery shopping for the healthy food I knew I should eat during the week.  So I decided to keep up the cleaning procrastination, and walked to the grocery store for just a few more minutes outside.  After that I knew I couldn’t put it off any longer…the dishes that were in the dishwasher were put away, the dishes that were left in the sink on Thursday night after dinner were put into the newly emptied dishwasher, the trash was taken out, the clothes that were lying all over were put away and hung up, and the weekend bag that was packed full of weekend clothes was emptied and put back on the shelf.  Looking forward to doing it all over again!

I hope your weekend was amazing, and I hope you have a great start to a brand new week.