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Solar Rain Gauge by Garden Delights 24May12

A solar rain gauge is the perfect way to light up your back yard and measure how much it has rained. During the day the gauge absorbs the power of the sun so that at night it can illuminate your yard or garden. The solar charged LED lights alternate from red to amber to blue adding style and function to your home.

solar rain gaugeMeasuring the rain is perfect for all you scientists out there and is a great activity and learning experience for children. Simply place the solar rain gauge in your yard or garden making sure it is not covered by any trees, shrubs, gazebos or umbrellas and let mother nature do the work. The sun will provide all the power needed to light up the lights and the rain will fill up the gauge allowing you to measure how much you get in any given day, week or month.

The solar rain gauge by Garden Delights makes the perfect Father’s Day gift and is also perfect for Mothers, Grandmothers or Grandfathers. It’s about 29 inches tall and you can find out more & purchase one by clicking here:

Solar Rain Gauge by Garden Delights at Taylor Gifts

Our customers rate this Solar Rain Gauge:

5.0 out of 5 Stars (based on 1 review as of May 24, 2012).

Quicklawn 02Apr12

So as the weather continues to warm up, we start to think about more and more things to do outside so we can enjoy the lovely weather after spending so much time indoors over the winter. Often the early spring outdoor activities involve home maintenance and rejuvenation. A great looking lawn is top of the list when it comes to making the outdoors of your home and property look great. When your lawn looks great it automatically takes the looks of your home up a few notches and your neighbors will be jealous of a perfect, green lawn.

QUICKLAWNSo, how do we get our lawns from dry and brown, to fresh and green? I’d like to introduce to you Quicklawn to help get your lawn ready for the spring and summer.

Quicklawn will work fast for you, so in just five to eight days you’ll have the green lawn you’re looking to grow. One of the great aspects of Quicklawn is that even if the weather is still not really warm, you can use Quicklawn now and still see the green results. And don’t worry about those parties ruining all of your gorgeous green grass. Quicklawn was actually made to hold up to everyday living of pets, kids and heavy traffic.

So now, as the plans for outdoor events get closer and closer, you do not need to worry about not having enough time to get your lawn looking perfect. Just give yourself eight days to use Quicklawn and you’ll be BBQ ready in no time.

Our customers rate Quicklawn:

4.8 out of 5 Stars (based on 5 reviews as of April 2, 2012).

Enjoying The Not-So-Winter Weather 09Jan12

Happy Monday! I hope you had a nice weekend. Wherever you’re located, you probably had decent weather this weekend. Over here, on the east coast, we are having a crazy winter. One day it is 20 degrees and the next day it is in the mid 50’s! I’m enjoying the warm days as they come.

TREADMILL” width=PILATES MAGIC CIRCLE” width=This weekend, I made every effort to be outside. Most of my errands were within a 3 mile distance, so instead of spending an hour indoors on the treadmill and I took a hike in lieu of Pilates. I’ll be back to using the indoor equipment this week when it’s cold or too dark outside before and after work, but it felt really great to take advantage of the nice weather and fresh air!

What a great spring weekend in the middle of winter!

Outdoor Christmas Decor 13Dec11

As I drive and walk around the city, I always look at the Christmas decorations. I Get it from my mom. I always loved driving around with her, looking at the lights people had put up on their homes for the holiday season. So far this year I have come across a few great Christmas decorations and I thought I might share my top five favorite Christmas decorations with you. In no particular order, you can find my list below.

1. Solar Powered Christmas Lights

2. Solar Christmas Path Trees

3. Outdoor Pre-Lit Reindeer

4. Polar Bear with Lights

5. Giant Lighted Poinsettia


Flex Seal 16Sep11

WINE COLD SACK” width=I am what some might call a Do-It-Yourself’er. I have tried my hand a few home repairs. But one thing I’ve never wanted to mess with is pipes. Any leak is generally difficult, requires a lot of specialized tools, and expensive fix. No one wants to deal with calling a plumber, a repair man, a contractor, or the expense. Now, there is Flex Seal that can help make repairing these leaks simple. Just spray it on (just like you would apply spray paint) and let it set.

The Flex Seal is a liquid rubber sealant that can repair leaky pipes, gutters, skylights, even flower pots (oh the ideas are swirling now!) just by spraying it on the surface. A quick spray of Flex Seal creates a waterproof coating to stop leaks. It is fire resistant and paintable!

So, with the help of the new Flex Seal spray, you can remedy all those little leaky problems yourself for very little money!

Amazing Rake 09Sep11

AMAZING RAKE” width=Growing up in my parents’ house we always had a lot of trees in the front yard. A lot of trees means a lot of leaves and every fall one of my chores was to help rake the leaves. I wasn’t interested in raking the leaves though, I was interested in playing in the leaves! Honestly, aside from not wanting to do manual labor, I was small, the rakes were big, and it didn’t really work out. My parents did a great job though at making perfect piles of leaves for my brother and I to jump and play in. And when we were all done playing, we would take all the leaves and put them in trash bags and the lawn was done. But then only days later more leaves would fall and my parents would have to rake and we would have to bag everything up again.

I don’t think my parents mind so much about the raking. In fact, I think at one point they even bought or borrowed a leaf blower so they wouldn’t have to take so much time raking every week. But, for those of you who do have to rake as much as my parents do, you should check out the Amazing Rake. If you buy this, and you have kids, don’t tell them you are raking leaves into piles because they will be very upset when they find no piles of leaves to jump into since the Amazing Rake rakes and grips leaves to put right into those trash bags. Quick for you, and not so much fun for the kids.

5 Slot Tool Holder 25Aug11

5 SLOT TOOL HOLDER” width= Everyone has one, but no one wants to admit it; the closet of “stuff”. Mine is my coat closet. Sure, I keep my coats in there, but if you part the coats and look into the back you will see a vacuum, a broom, two different mops, a bucket, a wood floor mop, and a cordless sweeper. If only I could force myself to use all of these tools as often as I should, my house would be spotless!

The problem is that when I want to get one tool, they are all tangled together. They fall over, fall out of the closet, I have to guess which handle belongs to which broom/mop/sweeper. Its far more difficult than it needs to be. But this won’t be a problem anymore with the 5 Slot Tool Holder. Just mount this on the wall and place the handle of any tool on the holder. The “magic” ball technology grips the handle and keeps it in place. I’m going to mount this on the back of the door of my closet door so all of my cleaning tools will be displayed and easy to reach.

Sundial 15Aug11

Another weekend is in the books. I hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I enjoyed mine. Sunday was a rainy day, but I was invited to see my friend’s new backyard. She and her husband just had their backyard completely redone and landscaped. There is a new deck, built-in planters, plants and flowers galore and in the middle there is a great big sundial.SUNDIALS” width= They had gotten the sundial years ago at an antique shop but held off on displaying it until they could have the backyard of their dreams. And may I say, it is amazing!

I really like the idea of building the yard around a featured piece, much like you might center your living room design around a piece of art or a favorite piece of furniture. While my yard is nothing grand–just one hop, skip and jump and you’ve covered the entire yard–I am thinking I will order one of these sundials for my garden area. It will be something pretty to look at all year and add something different to the space. And if or when I move, it is one piece of the yard that can come with me! My wheels are turning trying to think of other ways to incorporate features from my friend’s yard into mine. One step at a time though.

Do any of you have anything interesting pieces in your yard? I’d love to hear your ideas!

Gardening Knee Pads 28Jul11

MULTI USE PRODUCE PROYesterday my mom finally planted flowers in the flower bed at her house. She was so excited. She called to tell me that now the house looks so pretty. For those of you who are also considering planting (maybe a little more than my mom did) you might consider using ater Proof Knee Pads to help make gardening less painful.

It’s not as if you wear your favorite pants when you garden, but the waterproof knee pads will keep your clothes from getting stained and wet as you work. Also, if it is really hot as you are planting in your garden you might even wear shorts, so the waterproff knee pads will protect your knees from the rough mulch and dirt. You won’t need to worry about less range of mmotion either as the waterproof knee pads are flexible and bend as you move.

So, if you’re a small flower gardener like my mom, or an expert gardener who plants all year long, waterproof knee pads are the perfect accessory to your gardening outfit.

Portable Air Cooler 25Jul11

AIR COOLER” width=
All weekend I had the lyrics to the song “Heat Wave” stuck in my head. Too bad the weather wasn’t just “like a heat wave,” but was a real heat wave instead! Much of the country was under oppressive heat this weekend. Staying cool was the name of the game—not so easy when you have window unit air conditioning in select rooms of your home that can barely keep up.

I went shopping to enjoy the AC in stores, out to dinner to drink frosty beverages and I went to a friend’s pool to cool off in the water. The last place I wanted to be was in my home. It was a challenge just getting ready to leave the house! The rooms that have window units were tolerable, but trying to do my hair in the bathroom (no AC!) was miserable. You’ve heard the saying, “If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.” Well, I really did have to stay out of the kitchen. I was sweating just standing still!

Before the next heat wave hits later this week, I’m getting a portable air cooler. I can roll it from room to room and use it for just as long as I need without having a loud, bulky AC unit stuck in my window from June to September.

I don’t mind the heat, but now it won’t keep me out of the kitchen…or any other room!