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Gumdrop Tree 20Dec11

Do you ever see something in a store that reminds you of something from when you were a child? I feel like most of the time I do not remember much of my childhood (sorry mom, I know this makes you sad), but there are some items that will spark a memory, or at least trigger a past moment that makes me smile.

Recently I have had two moments just like these. Both of my moments made me think of my grandfather. When I was in the grocery store ice cream isle the other day, I saw black cherry ice cream. Usually impossible to find, it brought me right back to having ice cream with my grandfather on a hot, sunny day. Then when I was in line at the pharmacy I saw candy orange slices. I don’t like them, but they, too, remind me of my grandfather as they were his favorite candy.

GUMDROP TREE” width=When I brought these moments up to a friend of mine, she told me she always remembers seeing the clear plastic gumdrop trees during this time of year. They are these little Christmas tree servers that get decorated with gumdrops. Apparently, she remembers the gumdrop tree at parties when she was younger. I have never seen a gumdrop tree, but now that I learned about them, I wouldn’t mind having one.

Last Minute Gifts 15Dec11

Is anyone else in holiday shopping panic mode? As of today there are just 9—count them, NINE—shopping days left! I have just realized there are people I’ve forgotten to buy gifts for, gifts I somehow thought I purchased but did not, and I still need host/hostess gifts for holiday parties and some stocking stuffers. I would like to get all of these things online as I have limited time and the malls are crowded. And if they were all in one place online, that would be even better!

All this week on Live With Kelly, they are sharing great gift ideas on the Holiday Gift Giving Guide. A few of the products they showed are exactly what I need! On Tuesday they shared gift ideas for guys, you can see the entire video here. Two items really piqued my RIP 60
interest; the Rip 60 Training System (shown at 0:25). And a Portable Grill (shown at 1:37). This isn’t the same grill as shown on Live With Kelly, but it’s the same price and has the side tables!

On Wednesday, they showed some great stocking stuffers. They showed a wine bottle cover that looks like a Sock Monkey! (see it at 5:20). They said it was $12 on the show, but Taylor Gifts has it for just $9.98. This is such a great hostess gift…I’m getting a couple to have on hand!

After ordering a few of these items, I’ll be almost done my shopping!

Then I have to start wrapping…

Stocking Stuffers 14Dec11

It is now less than 2 weeks away from Christmas. Have you purchased all of the gifts you need to buy this year? Has any person or item slipped your mind and you need ideas fast? Now is crunch-time! Make a list, check it twice, and be sure you don’t forget someone important to you. I have made my list below of some of my favorite stocking stuffer ideas. Check out this link for even more stocking stuffers


Personalized Pendant Necklace


Personalized Stainless Steel Charm Bracelet


GPS Cup Holder


Manicure Set


Micro Touch Max

Fold Up Pool Table 07Dec11

FOLD UP POOL TABLEAs I was awaiting my brother’s arrival to my apartment to pick up the mattress and box spring I stored for him, I took the rare opportunity to do one of my favorite things: wake up early, get some things together and the dishwasher running, and get back into bed while the dishwasher did the work and watched TV in my cozy warm bed on a chilly morning. Coffee would have been nice, but not nice enough to make myself. Anyway, while I was watching TV something fun caught my eye…an air hockey table.

I am not sure what it was about the air hockey table that made me smile, but it did. I don’t even remember what the commercial was for. It got me thinking about playing air hockey. When I was little my brother and I had an air hockey table and we used to play it all the time. I distinctly remember it always being fun, but everyone’s fingers were always getting beat up and it hurt. It also got me thinking of the other games I used to play. We used to play pool at my friend’s house on her dad’s pool table and I was terrible…by far the worst pool player ever. And even as I grew older I was still a horrible pool player. But, even at that I always wanted my own pool table.

I love easy and relaxing mornings that get me thinking about good times from when I was young. Maybe I should buy a pool table and an air hockey table when I buy my own house.

Gift Finder 01Dec11

As of yesterday I found myself in holiday shopping mode! I am not sure what registered for me to make the switch, but suddenly, I felt the need to purchase every gift I need this season. I made a list of the rest of the people I need to shop for, and I began to think about what to do from there.

I love shopping for presents. I love purchasing a gift for someone that I know is perfect and that they will love. I hate when I cannot think of a perfect gift. I do not like to give someone something that they won’t remember. Sometimes it’s just not so easy to come up with the perfect gift. For example, a group of us are participating in a Secret Santa gift exchange. I was actually really excited for my pick! I like this person, and I know he is very appreciative of anything ever given to him. But especially because he is so nice and appreciative, I want to be sure to get him something extra special…but I don’t even know where to begin. This is why I am thankful for the Gift Finder I can go to it and search for great items that he might like based on his likes.

So, while I am on my shopping mission to finish purchasing every gift I need, I will definitely be using a Gift Finder for assistance on the tricky people in my life. Happy shopping!

Great Gag Gifts! 30Nov11

Yesterday it was a dark and dreary day. It rained. And when it wasn’t raining, it was cloudy. Almost Farting Santa” width=

every person I talked to seemed to be having a bad day, and the general, overall mood of the day was “I just want to go home.” I was not an exception to the rule. So, for today, I decided to cheer up, lighten the mood and laugh a little. Below you will find my top five favorite gag gifts for the season. Enjoy!

Humping Dog

1. Humping Dog
2. Farting Santa
3. Money Soap
4. Mistletoe Headband
5. Santa Drinking Hat

Dining Chair Covers 07Nov11

It’s a funny thing that happens once Halloween is over–everything goes immediately from fall to winter even though winter doesn’t begin for nearly two months! Look around, listen to everyone talk…all of a sudden we went from fall and pumpkin flavored everything to holiday shopping and winter seasonal items. And I am not exempt from the chatter.

I started thinking about the holiday party I am hosting—my annual friends gathering. I have probably seen each of these people at some point throughout the year, but this is the one time of year when we are all in the same place at the same time. I have many of my decorations, serving pieces and table sets ready, but as I looked at my dining chairs, SHORT SUEDE DINGING CHAIR COVERS” width=I thought they looked very old, drab, stained. I can’t have company over to sit on these dirty chairs! And I definitely don’t have money to have them recovered or to purchase new ones. But these dining chair covers will do the trick! And I always have to use extra chairs to fit everyone around the table. These chairs don’t match my existing chairs, but with these long chair covers LONG DINING CHAIR COVERS
I can mix and match, and no one will be the wiser.

Hooray for DIY easy fixes that won’t cost me a fortune! Best of all, this is a lasting, year-round solution, not just for the holiday season.

Travel Mug 04Nov11

TRAVEL MUG” width=I need a new “I need to save money” plan. As much as I try to save, I get mad at myself too frequently for spending money in the morning for coffee when I have a perfectly good coffee pot at home, and I am certainly capable of turning it on as I get ready for work in the morning.

I need a plan of action that is do-able. I know that by not spending the money on coffee every day I could be saving a lot of money every year. The problem is that I cannot see the money being saved. So, I think I have come up with a plan that has the potential of working.

My plan is to set up an online savings account for coffee savings. Every day I will take $3 out of my checking account and put it into my coffee account—or more realistically, I will deposit $15 once a week. This also means that if I want coffee I have to make sure to do it myself. I will need to buy a travel mug. I know I keep talking about it, but I just need to do it already.

I think this could work. I’ll work on getting that mug this weekend, open my new coffee account, and hopefully will start saving Monday (because Saturdays and Sundays are meant to be fun). I’m really interested in suggestions you have for my coffee savings plan.

Scary Cat Mat 24Oct11

SCARYFall is one of my favorite times of the year. Not only because it’s when we celebrate Halloween, but because I love seeing all the vibrant colors and decorations people have out like pumpkins and scary door mats.

Another reason I love fall is because of all the scary movies on tv. I really enjoy watching older Halloween movies over and over, every year until they become more humorous than scary. All I need is to snuggle up in a cozy blanket and a bucket of popcorn. I can’t wait to watch my favorite zombie and ghost flicks this week!

What about you, do you like to watch scary movies?

Gift Finder 17Oct11

GIFTS FOR KIDSI am all about shopping for the holidays early. I guess, since the weather has been so wacky, it doesn’t quite feel like time to be holiday shopping – but the truth is that it is October…just 2 months away from the holiday season. So watching these commercials made me realize that I really need to start considering what I am getting for everyone not only for the holidays but birthdays as well (mom and brother both have birthdays in December). I’m thinking if i plan early I might be able to do some saving with my shopping. I can think about what to get for everyone and I can be on the lookout for sales and also coupons for the items I need to purchase.

GIFTS FOR COOKS” width=For me, I have no idea what anyone is getting this year. What I will say, is thank goodness for Gift Finders. The gift finder can help me look for gifts for people based on their likes, needs, wants, and personality. Like I mentioned before, I hate my year being rushed, but I really don’t think 2 months in advance is much of a rush to start thinking about holiday gifts for family and friends.