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What Are Some Tips to Preparing Your Home for a New Pet? 08Apr14

Congratulations! You’re thinking about welcoming a new member into your household in the form of an adorable pet. Depending on the kind of animal you are adopting, there are different levels of preparation that needed to create a safe environment. Smaller animals such as hamsters or gerbils are simply need a quality cage or holding pen. However, since dogs and cats are often free to roam across every surface of your home (whether you like it or not), it’s important that you make sure your entire house is safe and sound for your new furry friend.

Puppy or kitten proof your house

If you are bringing an animal into your home that chews on things, likes to hide, is not housebroken or has no knowledge of right or wrong, brace yourself for the occasional mess or two (or five). Make sure your give your new furry friend a place where they can feel at home. Typically, new puppy or kitten owners can enclose a small area in a room where they spend plenty of time and can keep a close eye on their new friend to make sure they are following the rules. Never allow your new puppy or kitten to wander freely around the home as nothing good can ever come out of it. The next time you walk into your kitchen, do not be surprised if you find a little accident waiting to be cleaned up by you. It’s important to have the proper pet cleanup products readily available for your pooch or kitty, and consider having multiple litter boxes or pet potty patches scattered throughout the house to determine where he or she would prefer to “go.” Cats can be picky about where they “do their business” so, if your new feline friend is not responding to its current box, experiment with multiple makes to see which ones tickle his or her fancy.

Be prepared for some messes

Bringing a new puppy or kitten into your house means that you realize some of your personal belongings may be damaged. Blinds, curtains, shoes, socks, furniture, pillows, and anything else your new friend can get their claws or teeth on could be ruined beyond fixing. To minimize the potential damage, take preemptive steps to make sure your favorite items are out of reach. Pups are especially fond of chewing on footwear, so make sure no sneakers are left lying about the floor with a shoe rack or organizer. Animals are also naturally attracted to dangling items, so it might be wise to move any suspended scarves or jewelry to either a horizontal storage unit or the interior of your closet. To protect your more precious furniture items (at least temporarily), purchase a pet parade couch pet bed that you can easily place on top to shield your couch or chair from dog hairs or accidents.

Protect your new pet’s health

Just like you wouldn’t want to leave harmful chemicals in reach of a small child, you should take the same measures with your dog. Move potentially harmful cleaning substances from beneath the sink to higher shelves or find a way of latching ones that are more easily accessible. Additionally, tape down any electrical cords they might be tempted to chew on. Take a look around your home and consider whether your determined kitty or pooch might be able scale to new heights to reach things like the deadly bowl of chocolate; what looks like a counter chair to you might look like a ladder to your resourceful four-legged pal. Similarly, what may look like a waste basket to you may look like a smelly buffet of flavors to your pet, so make sure all trashcans are tall and not easy to knock over so your dog doesn’t end up eating something he or she shouldn’t. Finally, make sure that you don’t have any poisonous plants within easy reach like lilies, mums and poinsettias. Don’t forget, this goes for your garden as well.

Make your new pet feel right at home in his or her new environment with lots of love, hugs and, of course, home pet products from Taylor Gifts.

Announcment: Taylor Gifts $1000 Academic Scholarship Is Now Open For Submissions 01Apr14

Taylor Gifts is all about nurturing the young, creative minds of today so they can yield the fantastical creations of tomorrow. After all, ingenious (and delicious) inventions like the Bacon Bowl and Vegetti were once pipedreams before patience and hard work made them a reality. Therefore, Taylor Gifts is pleased to announce the inaugural Taylor Gifts $1000 Academic Scholarship!

There are just a few requirements to keep in mind before the real fun begins:

* To enter the scholarship contest you must be a freshman, sophomore or junior currently enrolled in a university within the United States.
* The Taylor Gifts $1000 Academic Scholarship is also open to high school seniors in the United States.
* One essay submission per student.
* Each essay must be 750-800 words. No more, no less.
* Okay, so now that you’ve committed these requirements to memory, let’s take a look at the prompts you can choose from for your submission:

1. If you could create a device to better mankind’s quality of life, what would it be? Who would use it most?
2. Who do you consider to be history’s greatest entrepreneur or inventor? Why?
3. Do you consider yourself unconventional? When has it paid off?
4. Has there been a time in your life when you’ve felt guided by an entrepreneurial spirit? Did you act on it and take the initiative to achieve your goal? Explain.

Choose one and answer it with all you’ve got in 750-800 words. Muster up your creativity and problem-solving skills to potentially earn this $1,000 scholarship!

When you’ve completed the masterpiece, please submit it to . Entries must be submitted by no later than midnight on 6/15/2014. Otherwise they will not be taken into consideration. Do not forget to include your first name, last name and the name of your institution before submitting the document.

Here’s how the winner will be chosen:

First, the top twelve semi-finalists of the Taylor Gifts essay competition will be picked by a select panel of judges. These judges will consider creativity, style, grammar, spelling, concision and how well the student has stuck to the topic they picked. Once they’re chosen, online voting will begin.

This means that the ultimate winner will be determined by you, the public. An online voting system will be established so friends and strangers alike can cast a ballot for the essay that inspired them.

Scholarship Payout Details

The scholarship will be paid to the school of the selected recipient in a one-time amount of $1,000.00. The scholarship funds will be made payable to the winning student’s university by Taylor Gifts’ CEO, Francis Ruthkosky, sent specifically to the Financial Aid Office and placed in the student’s account.

Before the scholarship can be officially awarded, the winning student must provide Taylor Gifts with:

* Written proof of enrollment at an accredited university, college or institution within the United States.
* The address of the school’s Financial Aid Office.
* His or her student ID number.
* If you are selected as the winner, please send this information to:

Attn: Scholarship Coordinator

Taylor Gifts

600 Cedar Hollow Rd

Paoli, PA 19301

Please do not hesitate to contact if you have any other questions regarding this opportunity.

What Are Some New Outdoor Tools and Equipment for Spring and Even Summer? 25Mar14

As the cold grip of winter releases its hold on the country, you’ll enjoy spending more time outdoors. Warmer weather beckons you outdoors, and tending a garden is a perfect reason to spend time outside.

A garden beautifies the area around your home and gives it more curb appeal. It gives you a stress-free place to relax and let the troubles of the day fade away. If you want your garden to prosper, there are some spring and summer tools and equipment that will help.

A wheelbarrow is helpful for transporting soil and plants with less effort. You can find them in light-duty to heavy-duty models, depending on how much hauling you do in your garden area.

Shovels are essential for all gardeners. They allow you to dig up weeds, plant or relocate plants and turn soil.
Kneepads are helpful if you tend your garden kneeling down. Dense foam relieves any discomfort. If you have trouble kneeling for long periods of time, you can use a gardening seat, instead.

You can cultivate, shape and trim many plants with hand pruners. If you have larger plants, you can select pruners of greater size. Hand trowels are a lot like shovels, except that they are sized to fit the hand. They help you dig in small areas of soil like container gardens and flowerpots. If you need a small hole for planting flowers or bulbs, a hand trowel is the tool of choice.

Garden hoses are essential if your garden isn’t getting enough rain. It makes things a lot easier for gardeners who have large expanses of gardens or landscaping. A sprayer attachment will allow you to change the amount of water you’re using. A battery powered sprayer will let you get to places your hose might not be able to reach.

If you have young plants, hosing them to water them may be too hard on the new plants. For these, it’s helpful to use a watering can. In this way, the water won’t hit the tender leaves and buds as hard.

It’s Daylight Savings Time – Set Your Clock Ahead 06Mar14

To change to daylight savings time in the spring, you will set your clocks ahead one hour. The actual time change is on the second Sunday of March. You “lose” one hour during that night.

After clocks are set ahead in the spring, the sun will come up later in the mornings, but there will be one extra hour of usable daylight each night before sunset. In the fall, clocks are set back, which adds the extra hour to the morning light and takes an hour of daylight away in the evening.

It’s easy to forget to set your clocks properly each spring and fall. Of course, most of today’s smartphones and mobile devices set themselves to the new time. For things like microwave ovens, wall clocks and older watches, you will need to set them manually. Use the phrase “spring forward” to remind you that in the spring, you set the clocks ahead. In autumn, “fall back” reminds you to set the clocks back an hour. At that time, you will be back on Standard Time.

Changing to Daylight Savings Time isn’t done just to confuse people, of course. It was originally designed to allow less energy to be used in homes, with the extra hour of daylight in the evening.

Daylight Savings Time was started in the United States in the midst of World War I. It was instituted to save energy for production of materials needed for war. Workers took advantage of the later daylight hours in the months between April and October. The states were directed to use Daylight Savings Time again during World War II.

Between the periods of war, states could decide individually if they wanted to use Daylight Savings Time or not. Congress passed a Uniform Time Act in 1966, which set on paper the number of months that states could remain on Daylight Savings Time.

European nations have used Daylight Savings Time since 1996, although the start and stop dates are different. Iceland and Kyrgyzstan observe Daylight Savings Time year-round.

If you need a new clock for the new year, take a look at our clock category.

Summer Nights 11Jun13

Now it is officially June, which, in my mind means it is officially summer — and Mother Nature definitely got the memo! The temperature has been warm to hot, the sun has been shining, and we’ve already had our fair share of stormy weather.

Summer gives us the best excuse to spend time outside. I am sure we will talk a lot about things to do outside during the summer this season since it is definitely one of my favorite activities, but let’s just take the excitement one topic at a time. A lot of people are not so thrilled spending summer days outside (it is hot…I understand not everyone likes to be outside in such high temperatures). However, there is something to say about summer nights. When the sun goes down, and the temperature drops significantly, it is the perfect time to end the day outside. Sometimes summer nights are still warm, other times summer nights get a little chilly and you need to wear a sweatshirt with your shorts and flip flops. No matter what, summer nights outside are a great time. It is a time for the kids to catch fireflies and the adults to relax under the moonlight.

Just remember the following tips about making your summer night outside perfect:

1. Make sure to have some sort of bug repellent, such as the Glo Stick Insect Fly Trap. Being outside is great, but the bugs like it a lot too, so do what you can to keep them away.

2. Make sure to have some lights prepares, like the Solar Hand Crank Lantern. With more light, the longer you can stay outside and extend your summer night.

3. Have enough reclining camp chairs for everyone to have a comfortable place to sit, and then no one has to stand out of obligation.

Father’s Day Brunch 04Jun13

Here’s a reminder that Father’s Day is on Sunday, June 16th this year. If you want to do something fun and something different, I have the perfect idea for you!

Brunch. Yes, brunch. Homemade, well-thought, deliciously-prepared Father’s Day brunch. So easily you can put together an unbelievably delicious brunch for dad on Father’s Day this year. Brunch is always fun, and it can seem like you put a ridiculous amount of time and effort into it without having planned much at all. Do not worry, those of you who do not spend much time in the kitchen, I will help you here. Below is what you need to make a great Father’s Day brunch without much preparation:

Pancakes: With a simple pre-made pancake mix from any grocery store, just add water. Use your Perfect Pancake to make perfectly shaped and cooked pancakes, the Perfect Pancake is just the kitchen appliance you need.

Eggs: What brunch does not have eggs? So, make some eggs, which are super easy! Just grab a carton of eggs at the grocery store. And either grab an Orgreenic Frying Pan, crack a few eggs in the pan, and mix them up until they are cooked to create scrambled eggs; or get a little fancy and use your Heart Egg Cooker to make some sunny side up eggs in heart shapes for dad.

Fruit: At the market, while you are there picking up pancake mix and eggs, make sure to also get some fruit – any fruit – whatever dad likes. And if you are not sure what he likes, this time of year, just pick up a variety of fruit that looks good. Make sure to serve the fruit nicely on a buffet server. If you are really lost in the produce section of the grocery store you can buy pre-cut, pre-packaged mix fruit in the produce section. It’s that easy!

Aside from this, you will want to make sure to have appropriate beverages like milk, OJ, coffee, and tea; some butter and syrup for the pancakes; salt, pepper, ketchup, hot sauce, mustard, and pre-shredded cheddar cheese to top the eggs; and sugar and honey if you’re having coffee and tea.

This should help you through Father’s Day brunch! Enjoy and good luck! To all of the Dad’s: Happy early Father’s Day!

5 Ways to Make Your Coupons Easily Accessible 22May13

In the wake of Great Recession, Americans have made a return to frugal living. They are no longer spending money with reckless abandon or putting every other purchase on the family credit card. Rather, they are becoming more economical by cutting back on some non-essential items. Shoppers have also rediscovered a simple way to save on everything from groceries to automotive repairs. We are speaking, of course, about coupons.


The Coca-Cola Company grew into one of the largest corporations on the face of the Earth thanks in no small part to redemption slips. These coupons were initially distributed through employees and sales representatives and were later mailed to potential customers and then placed in magazines as sales increased. According to food historians, about one in nine Americans had received a free Coca-Cola during the companies first quarter century of operation.

Where are we now?

According to, an internet research firm, coupon redemption skyrocketed by 63 percent in 2011. All told, Americans saved $3.7 billion dollars by clipping, printing, or swiping vouchers that are accessible to nearly anyone. The total dollar figure represents 3.3 billion coupons, which means people saved an average of a little over a dollar every time they redeemed one. That might not seem like a lot, but on a per capita basis, each American would have saved more than 10 dollars if he or she had simply used coupons. At the extreme end, most practiced coupon clippers save hundreds, even thousands of dollars per annum.

Who uses them?

You might think that coupons are only for old ladies, but you’d be wrong. The demographics of users is rapidly changing, becoming younger, more tech-savvy, and more affluent. Those who have access to the internet and are relatively well-to-do are far more likely to print and use redemption slips than any other group. Not to mention the fact that folks with a college degree are twice as likely to redeem digital coupons as Americans who did not finish high school. Why are younger users suddenly becoming so thrifty?

The simplest explanation is that it is easier to find the vouchers you want than ever before. As long as you signup, most major retailers will send you weekly coupons via email. All you have to do then is print them out and take them to the store. Some stores even let your redeem them online! It couldn’t get any easier than that!

What do we use coupons for?

The overwhelming majority of coupons that are used in the U.S. are redeemed for food purchases. The reason for this is simple—everybody needs food! About two-thirds of the total coupons that are circulated are used for food purchases. Usage almost always increases near the end of the year, since most major supermarkets utilize reward programs in order to increase sales during the holiday season.

How to use them?

Although digital coupons are growing more popular with each passing year, most redeemed coupons—nearly 90 percent—are still procured the old-fashioned way, i.e., clipped from newspapers. But that may soon change due to increased smartphone usage, which makes it easy for users to access mobile coupons. More than 20 percent of smartphone users accessed and may have used mobile coupons in 2011, which was more than double the percentage that accessed them in 2010!

Is it worth your time?

When most young shoppers think about clipping coupons, they think about their grandmothers saving fifty cents on apples or a dollar on instant coffee at the local market. But it’s not like that anymore! With smart searching and couponing, the average consumer can save about $100 in a single hour, according to This is especially true in recent days, when food costs have risen dramatically and the average American is desperate for relief. Supermarkets are more than happy to give it to them, as long as they take the time to clip and/or print the voucher they proffer.

Of course, when you take the time to find these coupons, you must store them somewhere before you use them. Proper organization often means the difference between a viable coupon and an expired one. Let us take a moment to review 5 simple ways to find coupons and keep them in order for future use.

1. Locate deals online

The local paper will obviously give you access to local deals, but if you desire something outside of your environs, you will probably have to look online. The easiest way to find the best hebdomadal deals is to sign up to coupons blogs that feature weekly coupons from popular stores.

2. Stack

The reason why some astute shoppers save beaucoup bucks is because they combine store coupons with manufacturer’s coupons and use both during a big store sale. This can and often does result in discounts of up to fifty percent or more!

3. Buy one, get one

Whether you need coupons or not, buy one, get one deals are any easy and effective way to save on items you use every day.

4. Use store rewards

Whenever a cashier asks you if you’d like to sign up for a rewards program, do it! The process will only take a few minutes and it could save you hundreds of dollars each year.

5. Get an organizer!

Expect a lot of dirty looks and eye rolling if you walk up to the register with a stack of coupons in your hand…and for good reason! It can take several minutes to locate the right coupons in a large sheaf. Putting them into a coupon organizer with pockets lets you arrange them by category, expiration date, alphabet, or even by aisle. These helpful, handy devices often pay for themselves in a single shop.

Utilizing the Space Above and Around the Toilet 30Apr13

There are so many bathroom organizers available that it’s almost a crime to NOT have a tidy space. You can find plenty of different types at dollar stores, big box stores, specialty shops…even the drug store. Plastic, wicker and wood are some of the materials available for these organizers, and you’ll find them in almost every size and color, compartmentalized or not. What will work is up to you. It’s smart to consider organizers for the space above the toilet and around the toilet, and that’s what we’re going to share with you.

Space above the toilet is too often wasted space, but it can be reclaimed with a shelving system. Choose a style that appeals to you and suits the area and décor. RATTAN SPACE SAVER WITH METAL FRAME AND 3 SHELVES The Rattan Space Saver with Metal Frame and 3 Shelves is a beautiful choice that will fit over most toilets. The metal frame is sturdy and gracefully designed. It looks like a fine piece of furniture with its elegant arches. Three rattan shelves provide you with plenty of space to store towels and toiletries or even a lovely houseplant.

A more contemporary version of this shelf system is the Over Toilet Spacesaver. over toilet spacesaver This one is constructed of tubular steel with a shiny chrome finish. It’s a bit taller than the rattan version described above, so it really takes advantage of the height available above the toilet. Three glass shelves provide an airiness that is important in a small bathroom, but still provide you with all the space you need to store bathroom necessities.

But not every bathroom is large enough for an over the toilet storage unit. 4 tier shelf unitIf you have a smaller bathroom, you still want to get it organized. A freestanding shelf unit might provide you with the storage options you need. Consider the 4 Tier Shelf Unit in glass and metal. This contemporary piece features four tempered glass shelves that have been frosted for an elegant look that always looks clean. The frame is brushed with chrome joints for shine. Organize your towels and toiletries with ease on this handy shelf unit.

If contemporary isn’t your style, consider the Folding Four Tier Organizer. folding four tier organizerThis is a unique piece that features a wood frame and hand-wrapped willow roping. It has the look of a piece of fine wicker. Four shelves provide plenty of room to store towels, toilet paper, toiletries and even hair styling products or books. And for additional uniqueness, the entire unit folds into one flat formation for storage when moving day comes.

Taylor Gifts Can Help You Go “Green” in the Kitchen 22Apr13

Going green isn’t about thinking you are better than everyone else or latching on to some temporary gimmick or fad. Going green is about cultivating a lifestyle where you don’t take any more than you need. It is about recycling and cutting down on consumerism and living a healthy and happy lifestyle.

In this day and age people are going green in more ways than ever before. They cut down on unnecessary spending, they recycle everything they can, they ride bikes to work instead of taking a car, and they look to weatherproof their house to save money and energy.

When most of us need something for around the house we run out to the local big box store and just buy the cheapest version we can find. We quickly deem it “good enough” and go back on our merry way.

But the plain fact is that affordable also means cheap. And a cheap price all too often means low quality. Sometimes you can actually save money in the long run by spending a little bit more in the short run and actually having something that won’t break.

Investing in a well-built product helps to reduce waste. That is exactly what the designers at OrGreenic Cookware have found. They make cooking products that will stand up to the test of time. Here are a few great reasons for going green in your kitchen by switching to OrGreenic Cookware.

OrGreenic Cookware Sets are built to Last a Lifetime

It feels like such a waste to work so hard for your money, and then waste it on a product that ends up breaking right away. Sure, that cheap mop might look like it will work perfectly fine, but you’re going to wish you ended up spending a little bit of extra cash when it breaks in a few short weeks. Not only are you wasting your money, but throwing out cheap products is also bad for the environment.

The designers at OrGreenic Cookware know this and that’s why their sets aren’t shoddily made items that will only last a couple of years. OrGreenic Cookware Sets are made to last a lifetime. When you spend your hard earned money on an OrGreenic Cookware Set you aren’t just throwing caution to the wind. You can have confidence that you’ll never have to buy another set of cookware ever again.

That is because the Orgreenic company guarantees each and every one of the products they make to last the rest of your life. If your pot breaks in fifty years and you are still alive to cook with it, just send it back to the company and they will repair it for you. Buying well-built and guaranteed products like this saves you money, time, and is a great benefit for the environment.

You Don’t Need Any More Cookware when you have the OrGreenic Set

Whether you are making a giant casserole for your whole family, a big beef stew to warm up a winter night, or even just a quick stir fry for a group of friends, you don’t need anything else but an OrGreenic Cookware set. You will be hard-pressed to find any type of cookware you might need that doesn’t come with the OrGreenic cookware set.

Ten different pieces come in the OrGreenic Cookware set. You’ll find two frying pans in the set, one that is eight inches for smaller jobs, and a larger ten inch fry pan for bigger stir frys and the like. The larger one also comes with a handy lid and an aluminum steamer. This set also has pots and lids for one and a half quarts, two and a half quarts, and a much larger one. Lids also come to fit each of these sauce pots.

Lose Weight the OrGreenic Way

Cooking at home is in its very essence a healthy way to lose weight. For one, you aren’t tempted by all of the rich and unhealthy things that you might find on a restaurant menu. It is a whole lot easier to stick to your diet when you are cooking your own meals.

But the OrGreenic Cookware set makes it even easier to drop some pounds. That’s because it has an amazing non stick coating of ceramic. Now you can backe, braise, broil, fry, steam, or sauté all of your food without having to use fattening things like grease, oil, or butter to cook in.

The OrGreenic Cookware Set is obviously a great thing for the environment, but it’s also a smart and healthy choice for your lifestyle.

Daylight Savings 14Mar13

It is finally post-daylight savings, and no longer dark outside when I leave the office at the end of the day! It is quite amazing how springing forward one hour can change so much in life in general.

I have noticed so many changes in this past week, like how it is darker earlier in the morning, and how most people in general seem to be much happier throughout the day with that extra hour of daylight.

outdoor table set

Where I live people love to do things outside. During this time of year the whole city just becomes an open place of friendliness, joy, and fun…no more dreary nights that start before the work day is over. And of course, who would not get excited over the fact that all of our amazing friends with houses and backyards start to uncover their patio furniture so we can all enjoy long days that last into the late evenings outside.

There is nothing quite like this time of year.