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Taylor Gifts Can Help You Go “Green” in the Kitchen 22Apr13

Going green isn’t about thinking you are better than everyone else or latching on to some temporary gimmick or fad. Going green is about cultivating a lifestyle where you don’t take any more than you need. It is about recycling and cutting down on consumerism and living a healthy and happy lifestyle.

In this day and age people are going green in more ways than ever before. They cut down on unnecessary spending, they recycle everything they can, they ride bikes to work instead of taking a car, and they look to weatherproof their house to save money and energy.

When most of us need something for around the house we run out to the local big box store and just buy the cheapest version we can find. We quickly deem it “good enough” and go back on our merry way.

But the plain fact is that affordable also means cheap. And a cheap price all too often means low quality. Sometimes you can actually save money in the long run by spending a little bit more in the short run and actually having something that won’t break.

Investing in a well-built product helps to reduce waste. That is exactly what the designers at OrGreenic Cookware have found. They make cooking products that will stand up to the test of time. Here are a few great reasons for going green in your kitchen by switching to OrGreenic Cookware.

OrGreenic Cookware Sets are built to Last a Lifetime

It feels like such a waste to work so hard for your money, and then waste it on a product that ends up breaking right away. Sure, that cheap mop might look like it will work perfectly fine, but you’re going to wish you ended up spending a little bit of extra cash when it breaks in a few short weeks. Not only are you wasting your money, but throwing out cheap products is also bad for the environment.

The designers at OrGreenic Cookware know this and that’s why their sets aren’t shoddily made items that will only last a couple of years. OrGreenic Cookware Sets are made to last a lifetime. When you spend your hard earned money on an OrGreenic Cookware Set you aren’t just throwing caution to the wind. You can have confidence that you’ll never have to buy another set of cookware ever again.

That is because the Orgreenic company guarantees each and every one of the products they make to last the rest of your life. If your pot breaks in fifty years and you are still alive to cook with it, just send it back to the company and they will repair it for you. Buying well-built and guaranteed products like this saves you money, time, and is a great benefit for the environment.

You Don’t Need Any More Cookware when you have the OrGreenic Set

Whether you are making a giant casserole for your whole family, a big beef stew to warm up a winter night, or even just a quick stir fry for a group of friends, you don’t need anything else but an OrGreenic Cookware set. You will be hard-pressed to find any type of cookware you might need that doesn’t come with the OrGreenic cookware set.

Ten different pieces come in the OrGreenic Cookware set. You’ll find two frying pans in the set, one that is eight inches for smaller jobs, and a larger ten inch fry pan for bigger stir frys and the like. The larger one also comes with a handy lid and an aluminum steamer. This set also has pots and lids for one and a half quarts, two and a half quarts, and a much larger one. Lids also come to fit each of these sauce pots.

Lose Weight the OrGreenic Way

Cooking at home is in its very essence a healthy way to lose weight. For one, you aren’t tempted by all of the rich and unhealthy things that you might find on a restaurant menu. It is a whole lot easier to stick to your diet when you are cooking your own meals.

But the OrGreenic Cookware set makes it even easier to drop some pounds. That’s because it has an amazing non stick coating of ceramic. Now you can backe, braise, broil, fry, steam, or sauté all of your food without having to use fattening things like grease, oil, or butter to cook in.

The OrGreenic Cookware Set is obviously a great thing for the environment, but it’s also a smart and healthy choice for your lifestyle.

Daylight Savings 14Mar13

It is finally post-daylight savings, and no longer dark outside when I leave the office at the end of the day! It is quite amazing how springing forward one hour can change so much in life in general.

I have noticed so many changes in this past week, like how it is darker earlier in the morning, and how most people in general seem to be much happier throughout the day with that extra hour of daylight.

outdoor table set

Where I live people love to do things outside. During this time of year the whole city just becomes an open place of friendliness, joy, and fun…no more dreary nights that start before the work day is over. And of course, who would not get excited over the fact that all of our amazing friends with houses and backyards start to uncover their patio furniture so we can all enjoy long days that last into the late evenings outside.

There is nothing quite like this time of year.

All in One Travel Bag 08Mar13

So I am running away from the east coast, and heading to California for a nice long weekend away. This trip was planned months ago so I could visit my friend who has been living out there for three years. After this snow, it is the perfect time to get away and I could not be more excited. One of the best things about this trip is the money I will save. Having the privilege to stay with a friend sure does cut down on travel costs.

I will also be saving money at the airport since I won’t have to check any extra luggage. Not checking luggage also saves you a ton of time after exiting the plane too. With that being said, I always pack in a way that I only need to bring one carry-on luggage bag and my purse on the plane. all in one travel bag
I like to consolidate all of my cosmetics, jewelry, and toiletry items into my All in One Travel Bag that I use each time I travel. The bag helps me save space in my carry-on and it safely keeps everything secure and organized. It is not that I do not care to spend money at all; I just would rather squeeze everything into a carry-on for the flight and spend the money I saved on a pass to go to Disneyland, nice dinners, and entertainment.

Do you have any plans to get away from the cold this year? How do you like to save money as you travel?

Home Décor Ideas To Display In The Bathroom 11Feb13

Having a well-decorated bathroom, is about more than just impresses your houseguests. When you create a serene environment in your bathroom, you are fostering a sense of calm and well-being that you will carry with you throughout your day.

Imagine waking up in the morning and getting ready for work. What is the first thing you do? For many of us it is going into the bathroom to get showered and get ready for work. Visualize how you would feel walking into a dirty bathroom that hasn’t been cleaned in weeks. Picture blank white walls and old dirty towels.

Doesn’t sound very welcoming, does it? It certainly doesn’t sound like a nice way to start your day.

Now imagine waking up and walking into a pristine, clean bathroom. You have fresh towels hanging up and your shower is sparkling clean. Not only that, when you hop out of the shower and dry off you see pictures of your smiling family hanging on the wall. There is a potted plant by the window and a few lovely trinkets on a shelf.

Isn’t that the way you want to wake up in the morning? No one wants to get ready in a dirty old bathroom with bare walls and no sense of interior design. It may sound silly but decorating your bathroom can make all of your days even better. Here are a few excellent suggestions for home décor ideas to display in the bathroom.

White Flicker Candle Set of Two

There is nothing that makes you feel like you are coming home quite like seeing a candle burning in the window. A primal feeling arises when you see that someone is tending the fire for you and waiting for you to come home.

But in the modern world we also have to worry about fire hazards. With the White Flicker Candle Set of Two you can have the best of both worlds, without having to worry about ever plugging anything in! No wax or flames equals no worries about a fire hazard.

The White Flicker Candle Set of Two has a realistic flickering glow of a candle. white flicker candle set of twoThe LED light source powers on at dusk, and automatically shuts off at dawn. The light on this candle never needs to be replaced, and lasts up to 20 days on three AA batteries (not included).

Triangle Metal Wall Tiles

Looking for an affordable way to revamp your old apartment? Renters often have to settle for dirty old walls when they move into a new place. Sure, most landlords will let you repaint on your own dime, but any serious remodeling will be a hard sell.

Whether you rent or own your home, these triangle metal wall tiles will make an excellent and affordable weekend project. They also won’t break the bank if you just want to do a little minor remodeling in your apartment.

These wall tiles are self-stick and will not ever stain or crack. triangle metal wall tilesThey are perfect for not just the bathroom but the kitchen as well! You can select the square tiles to cover the most surface area, while the triangle tiles will fill in all of the edges. All you have to do is cut them to fit into the space with scissors. You don’t need any grout. Just wipe down the area with a soapy cloth.

A set of 24 square tiles will cover three square feet of wall space. The half-sized triangle tiles will naturally cover one and a half feet squared. You can select your tiling in black, white, copper, or brushed aluminum.

Lace Shelf Edging

To really spruce up your bathroom, you are definitely going to want to have some shelves. Shelves are essential for much more than storing your spare towels and essential toiletries. They are also nice to hold photographs, souvenirs, candles, and all sorts of things that make your bathroom a more hospitable environment.

But you can also take your bathroom décor to the next level by decorating the very shelves themselves!

This lace shelf edging is another amazingly inexpensive way to make your bathroom feel extra fancy. lace shelf edgingThe fine and fancy floral lace has adhesive strips on the back that make it a breeze to just stick right on to the edge of your shelf. You don’t ever have to iron it or do any maintenance at all. You can even use it to make the rims of potted plants feel a little finer! These vinyl lace strips are two inches wide and over eight feet long!

Don’t ruin your day by starting it off by getting ready in a filthy bathroom. Treat yourself with these fantastic home décor ideas to display in the bathroom.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 05Feb13

Getting started with February means just one thing: Valentine’s Day! There are hearts everywhere, everything is decorated in pink, white, and red, and everyone is already discussing what they plan to do with their friends or significant others for the special day. If you plan to go out, hopefully you have already made your dinner reservations. And most importantly, I hope you haven’t forgotten about a gift for that special someone.

No matter what your plans are for Valentine’s Day, everyone likes to receive a surprise gift on the day as well. Some people really like to go all out and treat Valentine’s Day, yet others keep it simple. There are so many great gifts you can find so you should have no problem figuring something out. For those of you who really want to give your significant other something special, but are having trouble deciding what to get, check out Taylor Gifts’ Valentine’s Day Gift Finder for some great gifts ideas. There are tons of gift options to choose from, including personalized gifts.

For those out there without significant others, have a wine and cheese night with the girls, or head out with the guys. And for those of you out there worried about making Valentine’s Day perfect for your loved one, just remember as long as you put some thought into it, you will have an amazing Valentine’s Day no matter what. This day meant for spending time with people you love, so do that.

Don’t Let That New Furniture Get Ruined By Your Pet: Use These Furniture Covers 25Jan13

Redecorating your home can be either a dream or a nightmare. On the positive side, it can be remarkable how a few small changes around your home can make it feel more comfortable, cozy, and relaxing. Something as simple as hanging up a different colored pair of curtains to match the season of the year will do wonders for livening up rooms all over your house.

Buying new furniture is a more expensive, but also more dramatic way of changing the way a room looks and feels. A room could feel earthy and antiqued with a vintage sofa in there, and then a week later suddenly feel completely airy and modern when you bring in that new black leather couch.

How you decorate and furnish your home depends entirely on the type of environment you want to live in. Some things brighten up a room while others soften and darken it. Take a minute to realize what it will take to make your living quarters into the type of space you want to spend your time in.

The Best Way to Liven Up a Room

If you really want to bring warmth and love into your home, the best way to do it doesn’t have anything to do with buying a new couch or chair. The best way to have a warm and cozy living environment is by bringing a furry friend into your life.

When you adopt a dog or a cat from your local animal shelter you are giving a loving and warm creature a new lease on life. There is nothing quite like the gratitude and warmth that a rescued shelter animal will show to you in their new life.

Still, having a pet is an unbelievable amount of work for the owner. They require more than anything time, love, and attention. If you are going to be out of the house for long hours during the day, for example, you need to at least get a dogwalker to come and take your dog out for a few hours.

The other big part of being a dog owner, as well as a happy and healthy person, is being able to keep cleaning up after them. There is something to be said for a cozy and “lived-in” feeling house, but you also don’t want pet hair all over your furniture all of the time.

Sure, you might say you’re going to keep your golden retriever out of your study so he doesn’t lay down on your brand new love seat, but you can’t always guarantee you won’t want him in there one night while you read. And that is where pet furniture covers can help to keep your home clean.

Pet furniture covers are remarkable tools for keeping your furniture clean of pet hair without having to keep shooing your pet off the couch. Here are two great versions of pet covers that will make sure your furniture is pet hair free.

Quilted Suede Pet Covers

If you are looking for suede pet covers, then you will find that many come in a variety of different styles and sizes. You can find pet covers made out of fine quilted suede that will look amazing on all of the furniture in your rec room or your living room. That way you can pick out a universal style and color of pet cover to match your love seat, your chair, and your sofa.

quilted suede pet covers

Most suede pet covers are made from a single sheet of fabric. This is done for a very specific reason. For starters, we all know that our pets like to take a few laps around the area before they sit down. You’ve probably seen your own pet do it on your sofa or favorite chair. But when you put down a pet cover that is made of suede, that will move around far less than other versions that can bunch up.

Linen Pet Covers

While a suede pet cover is perfectly appropriate for a darker room like a study or a living room, you might consider something a little bit sunnier for other areas of your home. You can still find linen pet covers for your love seat, sofa, and chairs. They just come in a lighter and sunnier shade and feel.

linen pet covers

One of the nicest things about either suede or linen pet covers is that you can clean them with ease. The first thing you need to do is a cursory cleanse of that pet cover with your home vacuum cleaner. After you have gotten rid of the loose pet hair, all you need to do is throw it in the washing machine for a fresh new clean.

Just because you want to have a loving pet in your life doesn’t mean you have to keep them off the furniture. With pet furniture covers you can keep you and your pet happy without ruining your furniture.

3 Ways to Protect Your Furniture This Winter 10Jan13

Winter weather can be harsh on more than people, pets and plumbing. Snow, ice and driving winds can ruin outdoor furniture. Such weather can fade, mildew, crack and even warp or tear various materials, leaving your outdoor décor looking shabby, tired and tacky by the time spring comes back around. Instead of risking what you’ve gone to great effort to acquire, be prepared this winter by considering one of these ways to protect your valuable outdoor furniture.

Try going clear so you can see your outdoor furniture even as it’s being protected from the elements this winter. Outdoor Vinyl Covers come in a variety of sizes to offer protection for patio chairs, outdoor patio furniturestacking chairs and lounges. Each see-through cover is constructed of heavy duty ten gauge vinyl, and each piece features reinforced seams for added strength and security. Elastic around the bottom of every cover ensures a secure fit around the base of each piece of furniture. That means fewer snowflakes, raindrops and ice chips will reach the legs of your chairs or base portions of your outdoor sofa.

When you use a cover, your wooden rockers, wicker chairs, metal or plastic tables and lounges will survive the winter weather and come out looking new when the air turns warmer and dryer. At that time, loosen the covers and remove them, then fold them flat for storage over the summer months.

Go green—or white—this winter with Patio Furniture Covers that act like fitted sheeting for your outdoor furniture. Constructed of 3-ply tarpaulin plastic, each cover features double stitched seams to ensure they won’t tear as you fit them over your favorite wicker chair or chaise lounge. Sturdy and durable, the covers slide easily and snugly in place, so you’ll be able to protect your outdoor furniture in a short space of time—and that will get you out of the winter weather faster, too.

Choose white or green plastic to protect your backyard chairs, deck lounges and patio tables. Everything will stay safe from the elements and dry beneath these weather resistant Patio Furniture Covers because they secure in place with attached cords. And each cover will stay as good looking as the furniture they protect because they won’t fade, discolor or tear over the winter months. You won’t have to worry about mildew forming on your furniture or on the covers, either. Everything will come out of storage looking and smelling fresh when spring is in the air, and the Patio Furniture Covers will fold away until you need them again.

No matter which way you choose to protect your outdoor decor, your chairs and other items will come out of storage in the spring looking fresh and ready to use for the summer season.

Sticking to Your Resolution at the Gym 08Jan13

We are officially into the second week of January. That means everyone who has made a New Year’s resolution they intend to keep is either just beginning to go strong, or is continuing to stick to their resolution. This also means the gym gets busy.

This can be a cumbersome time to hit the gym. Newcomers may feel intimidated, and old-timers may feel defeated. I usually go to the gym when it is normally not very crowded, but it was definitely more crowded than normal yesterday; so much so that one lady found herself INMOTION ELLIPTICAL TRAINER WITH HANDLE
waiting for an elliptical that she always starts her workouts on because someone new was on it. So, she hopped instead to get her workout started. I also had to switch up my work out a little bit. When I went to use the 25 pound bell weights Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike
on the exercise bike someone else, who was new to the gym, was using them. I had to go with the 15 pound weights instead. The gym is crowded and will be for about another month or so. For the time being we must adjust and deal with it.

Sometimes it is not as fun going to the gym when it suddenly becomes more crowded with new members and it may throw off your routine. But if a new gym member is using the exercise Versa-Bell II 25 lb. dumbbell
machine you typically use, take it as an opportunity to try a new workout. Who knows, trying something new may be beneficial to you in the end too! Either way, I hope nobody lets the business of the gym today discourage them from going tomorrow. Stick to your resolutions!

The Perfect Last Minute Holiday Gift 20Dec12

I have been doing a lot of thinking recently about giving the perfect holiday gift. I have friends and family who have still not completed their holiday shopping for important people on their lists. I know some are simply procrastinating, but I know some of them are still just having problems coming up with great gifts to give to the people they love. As time gets closer to the holidays, these friends of mine are running out of time to find the perfect holiday gift.

After having given this some thought, I thought of one item in particular that most people in my circle would actually really appreciate. The item that can be personalized, picked out specifically with a theme for each individual person, and age appropriate for any person on your list is a puzzle. puzzlePuzzles are a great gift! You can find puzzles with any photograph, picture, or design, and that are big and small. There are some puzzles with a lot of small pieces, and some with a small number of large pieces. Some are simple, and others are more challenging to put together. What I know is that completing a puzzle is a great puzzlefeeling. I also know that some people get so proud of themselves, and love the picture on the puzzle so much that they actually frame the finished product. Plus children can definitely use puzzles as a learning tool; in fact, I bought my niece a puzzle for the holidays this year—she is one year old and she is loving it.

Anyway, if you are still on the hunt for the perfect gift, I would recommend finding a puzzle that will gift card holderspeak to the remaining people on your holiday list. Of course, gift cards to the perfect store placed in a gift card holder can be a great gift, too, but if you have a chance to think of a puzzle that might work, it might be just a little extra personal than a gift card this year.

Sock Monkey Gift Card Holder 29Nov12

Well it is officially that time of year; holiday gift shopping is in full swing. Your email inboxes are likely jam packed full of offers to all of your favorite stores. You are probably seeing all of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales being extended. You may also be seeing all different kinds of online offers that cannot be beat. We are definitely saturated with different gift ideas for the friends and family in our lives. Everywhere we go, whether online or in person, holiday gift buying season cannot be missed.

This year I got smart. I decided that I would start my holiday gift shopping early. By starting to shop and think about the items I needed to purchase, I was hoping to make this holiday gift giving season less stressful on myself. The outcome: it worked! By the time Black Friday rolled around I was down to needing to buy just a few more gifts. By the time Cyber Monday ended, I sock monkey gift card holderwas just about done. There are always the tricky people on my list though. And if you are anything like me, you just hate the idea of giving a gift card. However, sometimes a gift card is actually just the perfect gift, and in those situations I am not sad to go the gift card route. With that being said, I also have a need to wrap every gift I give, even if it is a gift card. So I have to get creative. Look at what I recently found, the Sock Monkey Gift Card Holder. The Sock Monkey Gift Card holder is not only super cute, but I can actually put it in a box and wrap the box. This way the recipient of this gift card will still have a package to open for the holidays from me. It’s perfect!

With just a few more gifts to purchase I am right on track with the holiday season. I do not think I could have planned this any better. I am pretty sure that while everyone else scrambles to find the perfect gift just in time for the holiday, I took my time early and found the perfect gifts long before the holidays arrived. What is your plan of attack for gift giving this year?