It’s nice to let the few cool breezes of summer into your home, but who wants to put up with all the bugs that enter when you do? Portable screen doors use Velcro™ to attach to your door frame, and then close right after you go through them, with magnets.

They are easy to install, since they don’t require any hardware. Just use the included Velcro to secure the screen to your existing door frame and you’re ready to go. These screens are great for condos and apartments, since some homeowners associations and landlords believe that ordinary screen doors are unsightly and won’t allow their use. Portable screen doors are virtually invisible once you install them, and they won’t damage your door jamb, since they don’t have standard hardware needed to install them.

The screen in portable doors is made of a mesh fabric that is very light in weight, and made finely enough that it won’t allow bugs in. You just push through the door, even when your hands are full, to open. Your children and pets can go inside or outside without needing assistance. The screen will snap shut right behind you, so you’ll never have a screen door accidentally left open. They’re especially handy at barbeques and outdoor parties.

You can take the instant sliding door screen with you if you move, or are headed to your cottage at the lake for the weekend. You can even use it when you stay in motels or hotels that have sliding glass doors but no screens. Instant screen doors are handy to use, wherever you go. They are available in varying widths, so they’ll fit most any sliding door frame.

In the winter, you can roll your invisible screen door up and stow it away. It won’t take up much room at all. With many sizes available, you can be assured of a secure fit, regardless of the size of the door to which you are attaching it.

Physicians have warned people for years that it’s not safe to clean your ears to any depth using a cotton swab – or worse, a hairpin. They can push wax further into your ears, where it can create even more problems. They can even puncture the ear drum, leading to pain and possibly requiring surgery.

The Wax Vacuum Ear Cleaner gives you a safer way to clean your ears, without the risks associated with cotton swabs. It has a safety guard on it so that you won’t use it too deeply. All you’ll need to do is to attach a color-coded, soft silicone tip and switch it on after inserting it into your ear.

The controlled suction of the ear wax vacuum pulls gently and removes the water, dirt particles and wax from your ear. It is collected into a special chamber on the vacuum. When you have finished cleaning, all you have to do is unscrew the container and then empty it. You won’t believe how much wax and other debris can accumulate in your ear until you try a vacuum.

Cotton swabs are used for many purposes, and you probably find that they may end up everywhere in the house except where you need them to clean your ears. An ear vacuum has a lighted tip, so that you can easily see inside your ear before you use the vacuum. It’s s step in the right direction as far as ear hygiene, for adults and children alike. Younger children should have their ears done by an adult, though.

Ear wax vacuums are powerful, but they are still safe to use. The light is especially handy, so you can check out the ear before cleaning. The battery-operated ear wax vacuum also lets you clean your ears without leaving cords on the sink. It’s lightweight, portable and easy to use.

Now it is officially June, which, in my mind means it is officially summer — and Mother Nature definitely got the memo! The temperature has been warm to hot, the sun has been shining, and we’ve already had our fair share of stormy weather.

Summer gives us the best excuse to spend time outside. I am sure we will talk a lot about things to do outside during the summer this season since it is definitely one of my favorite activities, but let’s just take the excitement one topic at a time. A lot of people are not so thrilled spending summer days outside (it is hot…I understand not everyone likes to be outside in such high temperatures). However, there is something to say about summer nights. When the sun goes down, and the temperature drops significantly, it is the perfect time to end the day outside. Sometimes summer nights are still warm, other times summer nights get a little chilly and you need to wear a sweatshirt with your shorts and flip flops. No matter what, summer nights outside are a great time. It is a time for the kids to catch fireflies and the adults to relax under the moonlight.

Just remember the following tips about making your summer night outside perfect:

1. Make sure to have some sort of bug repellent, such as the Glo Stick Insect Fly Trap. Being outside is great, but the bugs like it a lot too, so do what you can to keep them away.

2. Make sure to have some lights prepares, like the Solar Hand Crank Lantern. With more light, the longer you can stay outside and extend your summer night.

3. Have enough reclining camp chairs for everyone to have a comfortable place to sit, and then no one has to stand out of obligation.

Here’s a reminder that Father’s Day is on Sunday, June 16th this year. If you want to do something fun and something different, I have the perfect idea for you!

Brunch. Yes, brunch. Homemade, well-thought, deliciously-prepared Father’s Day brunch. So easily you can put together an unbelievably delicious brunch for dad on Father’s Day this year. Brunch is always fun, and it can seem like you put a ridiculous amount of time and effort into it without having planned much at all. Do not worry, those of you who do not spend much time in the kitchen, I will help you here. Below is what you need to make a great Father’s Day brunch without much preparation:

Pancakes: With a simple pre-made pancake mix from any grocery store, just add water. Use your Perfect Pancake to make perfectly shaped and cooked pancakes, the Perfect Pancake is just the kitchen appliance you need.

Eggs: What brunch does not have eggs? So, make some eggs, which are super easy! Just grab a carton of eggs at the grocery store. And either grab an Orgreenic Frying Pan, crack a few eggs in the pan, and mix them up until they are cooked to create scrambled eggs; or get a little fancy and use your Heart Egg Cooker to make some sunny side up eggs in heart shapes for dad.

Fruit: At the market, while you are there picking up pancake mix and eggs, make sure to also get some fruit – any fruit – whatever dad likes. And if you are not sure what he likes, this time of year, just pick up a variety of fruit that looks good. Make sure to serve the fruit nicely on a buffet server. If you are really lost in the produce section of the grocery store you can buy pre-cut, pre-packaged mix fruit in the produce section. It’s that easy!

Aside from this, you will want to make sure to have appropriate beverages like milk, OJ, coffee, and tea; some butter and syrup for the pancakes; salt, pepper, ketchup, hot sauce, mustard, and pre-shredded cheddar cheese to top the eggs; and sugar and honey if you’re having coffee and tea.

This should help you through Father’s Day brunch! Enjoy and good luck! To all of the Dad’s: Happy early Father’s Day!

Ads for organic cookware are all over TV and the internet these days. It seems that everywhere you look, you see someone demonstrating cooking with an organic skillet, pot or other pan, proclaiming its benefits. But just why is organic cookware so popular? In a word, it’s ‘healthy’.

The Original OrGREENIC Frying Pan, for example, is designed to allow you to cook food in the healthiest way possible. original orgreenic 10 inch frying panBecause its aluminum core is coated with a non-toxic ceramic coating, you don’t have to worry about harmful PFOAs leaching into your foods. PFOAs are synthetic substances used in many non-stick coatings—but not in the OrGREENIC Frying Pan. That’s because the designers of this frying know that exposure to PFOAs has been linked to several risks, not the least of which is higher cholesterol.

But the OrGREENIC folks didn’t design their organic cookware simply to eliminate PFOAs. They also designed it to allow you to cook healthier food through its non-stick ceramic coating. Because nothing sticks to the surface of the OrGREENIC Frying Pan, you can cook without oil, fat or grease. That means that your chicken and fish are better for you because they have no added fats. Vegetable stir fry is truly good for you because you don’t have to add anything to keep your delicious veggies from sticking to the pan as they cook.

The construction of this wonderful 10-inch frying pan offers more efficiency, too. It allows heat to transfer throughout the skillet evenly so everything cooks faster than it would in a traditional skillet. And the handle is ergonomically designed so this skillet is easy to maneuver, plus the handle features stay-cool technology so you won’t burn your hand when you lift the skillet. And the surface of the OrGREENIC Frying Pan won’t chip or peel. In fact, it is designed to last you a lifetime. So however you prefer to cook—boiling, braising, sautéing, frying or searing—you’ll love using the Original OrGREENIC Frying Pan every day.

But the Original OrGREENIC Frying Pan isn’t the only organic cookware that is gaining in popularity around the world. orgreenic 10 inch lidPair the frying pan with the OrGREENIC 10 Inch Lid. Like the frying pan, it is constructed of aluminum and coated with a non-stick, non-toxic ceramic coating. Using it helps you to cook even faster, and it cuts down on splatter from the natural juices in your food. A hole in the lid allows steam to escape, and the handle is ergonomically designed to make this lid easy to lift on and off the frying pan.

For a larger family or a friendly get-together over a home-cooked meal, the OrGREENIC 12 Inch Frying Pan will quickly become a favorite. orgreenic 12 inch frying panLike other OrGREENIC cookware, it offers a lifetime warranty. That’s because it will last a lifetime, remaining chip-free even if you use it every single day. And you’ll be tempted to do so because it’s a comfortable tool to use in your kitchen…comfortable and efficient and healthy.

Do you love grilled cheese sandwiches or pancakes? If so, you’ll discover that the OrGREENIC Griddle is the perfect piece of cookware for you. orgreenic griddleYou won’t have to spray the griddle with non-stick spray before you cook your meal, so you’ll save money and cut down on those pesky extra calories. No more buttering the griddle before cooking—save that butter for the top of the pancakes!

But the folks who designed the amazing OrGREENIC Frying Pan and Griddle didn’t stop there. They knew that today’s cooks need more than these simple staple tools. orgreenic 10 piece cookware setThey put together a set that includes ten pieces—everything you need to prepare your family’s favorite meals. The OrGREENIC 10 Piece Cookware Set includes an 8” fry pan, a 10” fry pan with lid, a 1.5 quart sauce pot with lid, a 2.5 quart sauce pot with lid, a 6 quart sauce pot with lid and an aluminum steamer insert. You’ll be able to prepare an entire feast faster and healthier than ever before. And like the original frying pan, the set features that fabulous aluminum core and the revolutionary non-stick, non-toxic ceramic coating that makes cooking fast and fun as it provides you with healthy results.

So try cooking a meal of your own with organic cookware, and you’ll quickly discover why it’s become such a fad.

Well, with Memorial Day around the corner, that just means one thing: summer is also right around the corner. Along with taking vacation, spending time outside, going to the pool, having barbeques, and making any excuse possible to find a way to get to the beach for a day or a few days, I also love the food in the summertime.

Every single week all year long I buy fresh fruits and vegetables to either eat raw or cook. You can always count on me to have fresh fruit and vegetables in my apartment at all times. corn zipperIn the summertime it gets so hot the last thing I generally want to eat is something heavy, greasy, and hot which is why fruits and veggies are my favorite, as I like my food in the summertime to be light and fresh. That being said, one of my favorite foods to eat in the summer is fresh corn. There is of course, a caveat to my love for corn and that is I will only eat it off the cob and cold. I know many of you think I am crazy…that grilled corn on the cob with butter and salt is the best food ever. But I am pretty certain there are others like me out there. So for those of you like me who hate to cut the corn off the cob, I found the perfect product for us: the Corn Zipper.

The Corn Zipper strips the corn kernels off the cob, and while the corn strips, the kernels drop into an attached half cup container so you will not lose any corn. Stripping corn off the cob using the Corn Zipper is not only a great idea to get those of us who do not eat corn on the cob to actually eat it, but corn is delicious in salad, pasta salad, tacos, and soups! So, the Corn Zipper will definitely be a product to help you in the kitchen all year around.

In the wake of Great Recession, Americans have made a return to frugal living. They are no longer spending money with reckless abandon or putting every other purchase on the family credit card. Rather, they are becoming more economical by cutting back on some non-essential items. Shoppers have also rediscovered a simple way to save on everything from groceries to automotive repairs. We are speaking, of course, about coupons.


The Coca-Cola Company grew into one of the largest corporations on the face of the Earth thanks in no small part to redemption slips. These coupons were initially distributed through employees and sales representatives and were later mailed to potential customers and then placed in magazines as sales increased. According to food historians, about one in nine Americans had received a free Coca-Cola during the companies first quarter century of operation.

Where are we now?

According to, an internet research firm, coupon redemption skyrocketed by 63 percent in 2011. All told, Americans saved $3.7 billion dollars by clipping, printing, or swiping vouchers that are accessible to nearly anyone. The total dollar figure represents 3.3 billion coupons, which means people saved an average of a little over a dollar every time they redeemed one. That might not seem like a lot, but on a per capita basis, each American would have saved more than 10 dollars if he or she had simply used coupons. At the extreme end, most practiced coupon clippers save hundreds, even thousands of dollars per annum.

Who uses them?

You might think that coupons are only for old ladies, but you’d be wrong. The demographics of users is rapidly changing, becoming younger, more tech-savvy, and more affluent. Those who have access to the internet and are relatively well-to-do are far more likely to print and use redemption slips than any other group. Not to mention the fact that folks with a college degree are twice as likely to redeem digital coupons as Americans who did not finish high school. Why are younger users suddenly becoming so thrifty?

The simplest explanation is that it is easier to find the vouchers you want than ever before. As long as you signup, most major retailers will send you weekly coupons via email. All you have to do then is print them out and take them to the store. Some stores even let your redeem them online! It couldn’t get any easier than that!

What do we use coupons for?

The overwhelming majority of coupons that are used in the U.S. are redeemed for food purchases. The reason for this is simple—everybody needs food! About two-thirds of the total coupons that are circulated are used for food purchases. Usage almost always increases near the end of the year, since most major supermarkets utilize reward programs in order to increase sales during the holiday season.

How to use them?

Although digital coupons are growing more popular with each passing year, most redeemed coupons—nearly 90 percent—are still procured the old-fashioned way, i.e., clipped from newspapers. But that may soon change due to increased smartphone usage, which makes it easy for users to access mobile coupons. More than 20 percent of smartphone users accessed and may have used mobile coupons in 2011, which was more than double the percentage that accessed them in 2010!

Is it worth your time?

When most young shoppers think about clipping coupons, they think about their grandmothers saving fifty cents on apples or a dollar on instant coffee at the local market. But it’s not like that anymore! With smart searching and couponing, the average consumer can save about $100 in a single hour, according to This is especially true in recent days, when food costs have risen dramatically and the average American is desperate for relief. Supermarkets are more than happy to give it to them, as long as they take the time to clip and/or print the voucher they proffer.

Of course, when you take the time to find these coupons, you must store them somewhere before you use them. Proper organization often means the difference between a viable coupon and an expired one. Let us take a moment to review 5 simple ways to find coupons and keep them in order for future use.

1. Locate deals online

The local paper will obviously give you access to local deals, but if you desire something outside of your environs, you will probably have to look online. The easiest way to find the best hebdomadal deals is to sign up to coupons blogs that feature weekly coupons from popular stores.

2. Stack

The reason why some astute shoppers save beaucoup bucks is because they combine store coupons with manufacturer’s coupons and use both during a big store sale. This can and often does result in discounts of up to fifty percent or more!

3. Buy one, get one

Whether you need coupons or not, buy one, get one deals are any easy and effective way to save on items you use every day.

4. Use store rewards

Whenever a cashier asks you if you’d like to sign up for a rewards program, do it! The process will only take a few minutes and it could save you hundreds of dollars each year.

5. Get an organizer!

Expect a lot of dirty looks and eye rolling if you walk up to the register with a stack of coupons in your hand…and for good reason! It can take several minutes to locate the right coupons in a large sheaf. Putting them into a coupon organizer with pockets lets you arrange them by category, expiration date, alphabet, or even by aisle. These helpful, handy devices often pay for themselves in a single shop.

The other day I was perusing the internet and I came across a product that really caught my attention. This is a product that has some serious potential, because it answers a reoccurring question I ask myself every morning – what is the weather? Now, with the One Touch Weather Radio that daily question can easily be answered. Other than traffic, I can’t think of any other information that could possibly be more important first thing in the morning than knowing what the weather will be for the day.

one touch weather radio

What I love about the One Touch Weather Radio is that it provides the weather instantly from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). By simply using the one-touch on/off switch, and the fine tune control to get the best signal, the One Touch Weather Radio provides the weather for the day quickly so you can get your day started on the right foot.

I am the type of person who loves knowing answers ahead of time; in this case I love knowing what the weather is before even getting out of bed. That way I have extra time to plan my outfit for the day based on the weather while I shower, etc. The One Touch Weather Radio solves this problem for me, and answers my most important question of the day.

They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. That’s not only true; it’s the understatement of the century. Being a good cook isn’t just a great way to nab a romantic partner, but even just to enhance the everyday lives of your friends and family.

There are few things more satisfying than having a group of friends over and cooking them a delicious and nutritious meal. There is an elemental feeling of community, comfort and safety that sharing a home-cooked meal with your friends and family brings about. This is something that the cook feels, the cook’s company feels, and that everyone takes with them throughout their day.

If you are lucky enough to know someone who is a great amateur chef, then you should do your best to support their passion. Not only will they feel great that you thought of them, but hopefully you will get to share in the bounty of what their new kitchen gadget allows them to make!

Before you think about getting any kitchen tools and gadgets for an amateur chef, however, you will want to remember one thing. If they really love cooking then they probably have all of the essentials. That means if you are going to buy something for them, you should make sure they don’t already have it. Next time you are over for a pot luck at their house, feel free to do a little snooping in the kitchen just to make sure you cover all your bases.

If you aren’t able to scope out their kitchen supplies beforehand, don’t fret. Here are a two kitchen tools and gadgets that they aren’t likely to have, but are certainly likely to love!

Digital Thermometer

While this seems like an obvious item that everyone should have in their kitchens, you would be amazed at how many amateur chefs don’t have something as simple as a digital thermometer. This, however, is one of those items that you might want to make sure they don’t have already.

Even if your friend is a vegetarian and doesn’t need a digital thermometer to make sure the turkey is done on Thanksgiving, it is still an incredibly handy device to have around. It can just as easily be used to stick in the middle of a casserole to see if the center is cooked, or to make sure the center of your frozen pizza is as done as the outside is.

This digital thermometer features a face that is about one inch across. You can set it to read in Fahrenheit or in Celsius.

Deluxe Ultimate Knife Sharpener

One thing that many people don’t realize is that a dull knife can be much more dangerous than a sharp knife. Think of it this way; if you are cutting a bell pepper into strips for your stir fry you are going to have a much easier time chopping it up with a sharp knife. Using a dull knife leads to the possibility of slipping right off that pepper and cutting a finger off.

New amateur chefs might not realize that even the finest kitchen knives need regular sharpening to keep them operating at top performance. The deluxe ultimate knife sharpener is an essential tool for every chef to optimize their cutting abilities.

This sharpener is made with incredibly strong steel carbide that has been carefully set at the perfect angle. The deluxe knife sharpener also has a non-slip grip so you can sharpener your knives with ease. It even has a 10-second sharpener so you aren’t wasting any time in the kitchen!

It’s time to repay the amateur chef you know and love for all of those amazing meals they have treated you to. These are just of a few of the amazing kitchen tools and gadgets out there to give an amateur chef!

In about one week it will be Mother’s Day! That means iIt is time to start to thinking about what to get to celebrate Mom. Some of you may have already found the perfect gift, and for those of you who haven’t there is no need to panic. I realize there is not much time, but if you keep calm it can be easy finding that perfect gift. I have created a list of some excellent gift ideas for Moms of all different ages and relationship to you that can possibly help make your decision a little easier:

Wine Rack – For the mother who loves wine or entertaining with wine, this 28 bottle wine rack is the perfect wine storage gift for any wine enthusiast.

Photo Frame Tote – For the mom who is just crazy about her family and who is also always prepared, the large three window photo frame tote will allow this mother to show off pictures of her family and stay organized all at the same time.

Jewelry Armoire – For the mother who has jewelry, of course! The Over Door Mirror Armoire will allow any mom keep her jewelry organized so she can get ready and go quickly without having to dig through jewelry boxes in a drawer to find exactly what she is looking to wear.

Water Bottle – For the mom who is always on the go, but also for the mom who always likes to fit in a workout when she can. This Personalized Polka Dot Water Bottle is the perfect addition to any mother’s gym bag or tote bag.

The Gifts Finder – Yes, I like to point you in the direction of the gift finder for women. If my suggested gift ideas just do not seem to fit the woman or women in your life you need to purchase a Mother’s Day gift for, I am not insulted! Every woman is different, so take a look at the gift finder to find the perfect gift for this Mother’s Day.

What will you surprise Mom with on her special day?