To change to daylight savings time in the spring, you will set your clocks ahead one hour. The actual time change is on the second Sunday of March. You “lose” one hour during that night.

After clocks are set ahead in the spring, the sun will come up later in the mornings, but there will be one extra hour of usable daylight each night before sunset. In the fall, clocks are set back, which adds the extra hour to the morning light and takes an hour of daylight away in the evening.

It’s easy to forget to set your clocks properly each spring and fall. Of course, most of today’s smartphones and mobile devices set themselves to the new time. For things like microwave ovens, wall clocks and older watches, you will need to set them manually. Use the phrase “spring forward” to remind you that in the spring, you set the clocks ahead. In autumn, “fall back” reminds you to set the clocks back an hour. At that time, you will be back on Standard Time.

Changing to Daylight Savings Time isn’t done just to confuse people, of course. It was originally designed to allow less energy to be used in homes, with the extra hour of daylight in the evening.

Daylight Savings Time was started in the United States in the midst of World War I. It was instituted to save energy for production of materials needed for war. Workers took advantage of the later daylight hours in the months between April and October. The states were directed to use Daylight Savings Time again during World War II.

Between the periods of war, states could decide individually if they wanted to use Daylight Savings Time or not. Congress passed a Uniform Time Act in 1966, which set on paper the number of months that states could remain on Daylight Savings Time.

European nations have used Daylight Savings Time since 1996, although the start and stop dates are different. Iceland and Kyrgyzstan observe Daylight Savings Time year-round.

If you need a new clock for the new year, take a look at our clock category.

Although we’re still in the midst of winter, it’s never too late to begin preparing for spring. Of course, spring cleaning is an annual tradition, but that’s no reason that you can’t introduce some new elements this time around. Keep reading for some simple ideas.

First, while it’s important to plan for spring cleaning, that doesn’t mean you should let your normal cleaning regimen fall by the wayside. Stay focused on what needs to get done while you prepare for the coming season, or you’ll end up with even more to do.

While you have the time right now, start things off with a plan. Just because you’ve always had a routine for your spring cleaning doesn’t mean it was the best one. Take the time now to analyze how you’ve done things in the past and think about where you could improve. It might just mean finding more effective ways to go about it. Also, keep in mind anything that might need to be added to the list. It’s been a whole year since the last time you did your spring cleaning, and it’s possible that you’ve acquired new items that will either need attention or that can help out.

When preparing for spring cleaning, it’s ok to think about some new purchases you might need to make. Everything from shelves to containers to wall racks can go a long way in helping to organize your home.

Lastly, don’t shoulder the entire burden on your own. If you have a family, there’s no reason they shouldn’t be pitching in. By planning early, you can assign tasks and give your family members plenty of time to ask for clarification. Better to field those questions now than find out a job wasn’t done correctly later.

It’s best to start preparing for spring cleaning early so you don’t get squeezed for time when the season finally comes around. As soon as the weather gets nicer, there will be all kinds of other activities to prepare for, as well.


If you don’t watch a lot of television, you could be missing out on some great products for your home. Keep reading for some of the new As Seen on TV items that your home could really use.

Everyone wants to keep their house safe, but burglar systems and other anti-theft devices can be expensive. One of the new As Seen on TV items that could really help, however, is the Fake TV Burglar Deterrent. We all know what it looks like when our neighbors are home watching TV. There’s an unmistakable light and accompanying flicker that comes from behind their shades or blinds. Now you can use this device to recreate the same appearance while you’re away. This device will automatically turn on at dusk so you can feel secure about your home come nightfall.

We all have kitchenware collections that are home to a number of different knives. Those of us who love to cook usually have close to a dozen. So, when they start losing their sharpness, it’s easy to get frustrated and swear off anything but soup. Fortunately, with the Samurai Pro Knife Sharpener, you don’t have to. This handy little gadget will bring your knife’s edge back in a matter of seconds. You’ll save money and can get right back to cooking in no time.

Speaking of being in the kitchen, aren’t we all sick of the trials and tribulations that come with our stoves? If something’s not boiling over, it’s generally pretty easy to burn your favorite dish. But, if you use the NuWave Induction Cooktop, all those troubles are in your past. Not only will they make cooking easier, but they’ll also do it with 70% less energy.

With the new As Seen on TV items listed above, you can easily make your home even more hospitable. Best of all, they’re all affordable and easy to use.


Valentine’s Day Ideas for Your Girlfriend

Guys, it’s that time of year again. Yes, it can be difficult thinking of Valentine’s Day ideas for your girlfriend, but it’s not exactly something you can just not do. So, bite the bullet, read the rest of this article, and get to it before the shops close.

No Valentine’s Day is complete without getting your woman flowers. If you can have them delivered to her place of employment, even better. Fortunately, florists will make this one a no-brainer by having plenty of Valentine’s Day options available. But remember that you still need to get her a gift. . If she is allergic to certain flowers, there are alternative flower themed gifts.

It’s always a good idea to take your lady out for a special dinner on the big day, as well. This doesn’t always need to be the case, though. If you decide on staying in, though, I recommend against ordering a pizza or just seeing what’s in the fridge. Another fun idea can be taking a couple’s cooking course that night. It’ll involve plenty of time together, and, at the end, you’ll have a first rate meal (hopefully) ready and waiting.

After that, head home and bring out a bottle of champagne. Now is the time to give her that special gift.

There are plenty of Valentine’s Day ideas when it comes to the present. But be sure it’s appropriate for where you’re at in the relationship. If it’s only been a few months, you might want to hold back on that expensive jewelry. Likewise, if it’s been closer to a year, now’s not the time to give her that DVD she wants and nothing else. It’s always a good idea to think creatively and get her something that shows you’ve been paying attention. Feel free to ask her friends and family for help, as well.

While it’s usually not easy, the above Valentine’s Day ideas should at least lift the burden a bit. Just remember to put thought into it and never, ever get her a gift card.


Valentine’s Day ideas can often be tough to come by, but when you’ve only been dating your boyfriend for a few months the issue is compounded. You want to show you care, of course, but you’d hate to overdo it and make for an awkward moment. Fortunately, there are plenty of gifts that will reflect your affection without going over the top. Keep reading for some examples.

To start, keep your costs to around $50. This is more than enough to get your boyfriend a gift he’ll appreciate without risking a situation where you went overboard. Guys generally expect to spend a bit more anyway, so this is a great dollar amount.

Fortunately, it leaves plenty of options. If your man appreciates a good beer, $50 is enough to take him on a tour of a local distillery. You can even set him up with his own craft beer kit if he’s mentioned an interest in the pursuit.

If his preferred poison comes in the way of red meat, consider any of a number of appliances that will help him enjoy a nice cut in the future. Barbeque kits are also a great idea if he owns a grill.

Just about every man has some kind of hobby. There are a ton of Valentine’s Day ideas that can take advantage of this without pushing your price over the limit. Best of all, it shows you’ve been paying attention to his interests and that you put some thought into your purchase.

Of course, one of the easiest options is to get him something related to his favorite team. While $50 isn’t enough for a jersey, it could be enough for tickets to a game or some other form of memorabilia he’ll enjoy.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day ideas for your new boyfriend, you have plenty of options that won’t fall short or go too far. Consider the $50 price tag, and any of the above options will hit the mark.


Dogs are naturally playful, whether they are with you or by themselves. Playtime is important for dogs, since it helps them to exercise and stay healthy. When you play with your dog, you also give him bonding time and mental stimulation. Your dog should always have the proper types of toys for safe playtime. This means that you need to check your dog’s toys daily, to make sure that they are still safe and intact.

If you have a smaller dog, invite him to play with a toy that is just his size. You don’t want to give a German Shepherd-sized ball to a Toy Poodle. He wouldn’t know what to do with it, unless he could push it around with his nose. Toys should be in good condition, so that your pet won’t eat the squeaker from inside his squeaky toy. Small toys and squeakers could be a choking hazard for your dog.

Elastic bands, ribbons or string are quite interesting for your dog, according to Hills Pet. But you should not give them toys that have any of these things attached. They are simply not safe. Stuffed animals are also not suitable for dogs, since they may have plastic eyes or parts that could be chewed off and swallowed.

A good rule of thumb is that if you have any toy – even toys designed for dogs – that wears out, you should throw it out and get your dog a different toy.

Kong toys are among the best in safety and acceptance. You can fill the wobbler toy with treats, and as it rolls, wobbles and spins, he can only grab a treat here and there. It will keep your dog interested for hours, since there are yummy things inside. You can fill up the toy by unscrewing the top, and your dog won’t be able to gulp his treats so quickly. Some toys can even be healthy for your dog, such as a dog bone tooth brush.


When you are hanging out with your football-loving friends, you know that snacks make the get-togethers much more enjoyable. If you are planning a full-blown party when the post-season starts, you may want more snacks and treats for your guests.

What do you place on the menu for your football party? Anyone can set out bowls of pretzels and chips and plates of cheese. Depending on the amount you have budgeted for your party, and how many people are invited, you could end up setting out quite a lot of food. Be sure you have enough serving trays and plates to accommodate your mountain of food.

The best snacks for the party-thrower, as far as convenience, are snacks that are easy to toss in a bowl or onto a plate. Kielbasa wedges are favorites with meat lovers, and most football fans love meat. Purchase a coil of kielbasa and cut up thick slices, then half those. You can serve these wedges with cheese or crackers.

Sweet & sour meatballs are a favorite with football fans. You can serve them with toothpicks, says
Garlic bread with cheese can be bought prepared or you can make it yourself. This will disappear very fast during your playoff party.

Chicken wings are a perennial game day favorite. Make them in your oven and serve them up. Watch them disappear. There are great sides to serve with wings, too, from hot sauce to blue cheese dressing and carrot sticks and celery. Stuffed mushroom caps will be popular with your football watchers, as well.

Grill some sausages to help quell the playoff-sized appetite of your fans and friends. Polish or Italian sausages can be cooked indoors or grilled outdoors, if you live in a moderate climate or don’t mind the snow. Shish kabobs are always a popular choice that offers a wide variety of flavors.

Stuffed potato skins can be put together before game day, so they are ready to bake. Set out the extras like grated cheese, bacon crumbles and sour cream.


If you can’t get tickets to the big game, your big-screen TV and some good friends can bring the game to your house. When you’re the one hosting the party, your friends and family can have a wonderful time, too.

Arrange to have plenty of seating for all your fellow fans. Football games typically last three hours or more, and no one wants to spend those hours on folding chairs. Straight-backed dining chairs are not really comfortable for long-term seating, either, states My Home Ideas.

Is it time for new furniture in your family room or living room anyway? Use the excuse to get a sectional sofa so that everyone can watch TV in comfort. With extra pieces, you can mix them to create comfortable seating for all. A sectional with a chaise on the side will seat three or four adults quite comfortably.

Where will you place the food? There are plenty of options for storing and serving the foods you create for your playoff party. Standard TV trays are one option, but they don’t work as well as the new type of tray that has legs that slide under the couch. If you have a rowdy group, perhaps a single table in the corner will work best for setting up the food. Then use paper plates with sturdy holders under them for people who are snacking.

If your friends drink, be sure to have plenty of their favorite beverages on hand. Whether you’re stocking up on diet coke or light beer, you’ll want to have lots on hand. A cooler can be used in the room where your TV is located, to spare you from running to the refrigerator every time someone wants a drink.

Touchdowns and interceptions or fumble recoveries can cause plates to be turned over or drinks to be spilled. Cover your buffet or coffee table with a football-themed cover, so that cleanup will be easy. The better planned your party, the easier cleanup will be.


Choosing the right storage solutions will make the difference between easily finding your holiday supplies next year and having a hassle getting prepared for the holidays when they next roll around. The most user-friendly storage containers for holiday wrappings and decorations may hang over doors, store under your bed or hang in a closet. Other containers may be stacked, which is as easy as stacking conventional boxes.

Under the bed storage organizers work well if you don’t have an attic or much closet space in which to store your supplies. The storage solution that you choose will depend on the amount of decorations or wrapping paper you have.

Organizing wrapping paper can be done in containers made for that purpose. You can keep rolls of wrapping paper from unwrapping through the use of rubber bands at the top and bottom. You can even cut a neat slit down an empty paper roll and slide it onto the new roll. This keeps the new rolls from tearing, unwrapping or becoming dog-eared.

Tissue paper and sheets of wrapping paper can be folded neatly and then laid out between two cardboard flats or two flat pieces of plastic. This will keep flat paper from crumpling or bending. They can be stored inside plastic containers that are clear, so that you can see what is stored inside.

Artificial trees are easily stored in bags that are designed just for this purpose. Some of these bags lay flat and some hang over a door. Some people store their artificial trees in the original boxes for a few years, but you’ll find that soft-sided carriers with reinforced handles that make the tree a lot easier to handle. If you’re storing your tree in an attic or basement, the handles will also allow you an easier time of going up and down stairs with the tree.

There are football party classics that will win you many kudos at your playoff day party this season. Football lends itself to finger foods, since fans will want to jump up and cheer when their team scores. Whether you are serving sandwiches, dips, hot wings or pizza, use sturdy football themed plates, cups and napkins to avoid messes.

It’s easy to prepare drinks for your party. Most football fans love beer, but always have other drinks on hand for the people who don’t enjoy beer. Use inflatable or standard football coolers to keep all your drinks cold and close to the action.
Chicken wings are a popular food at football parties. Using flour, paprika, cayenne pepper, salt, chicken wings, oil, butter, hot sauce, black pepper and garlic, you can make some delicious wings, says All Recipes.

Mix together your flour and seasoning ingredients in a small bowl and place the chicken wings in a glass bowl, sprinkling the flour blend over them. Cover your bowl and then refrigerate your wings for an hour and a half.

Heat oil in your deep fryer until it’s 375 degrees. You’ll only need an inch, just to cover the wings. Combine your hot sauce, garlic powder, pepper and butter in a saucepan at low heat. Stir the mixture together and set it aside for serving time. When game time arrives, you can use festive football bowls or team bowls for the dipping sauce.

Fry your wings for 15 minutes or so, and then remove from heat. Place them in a football themed serving bowl, add your hot sauce and stir. Enjoy!

Buffalo chicken sandwiches are another game time favorite. These sandwiches are hearty and spicy and will please those fans who like buffalo chicken wings, too. The recipe is great for football parties and they can be topped with ranch or bleu cheese dressing. These great eats will be fan favorites at your playoff party.