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The Seated Inversion Therapy System is a chair that converts to an inversion table as you invert. So the Seated Inversion Therapy System is easy to get on and off, yet gives you all the benefits of inversion like relief from many forms of back pain, improved circulation, and improved lymphatic circulation. Inversion therapy is a proven, natural, non-invasive method of treating back pain caused by stress and poor posture, and is endorsed and recommended by doctors as therapy to strengthen your back, elongate your spine to relieve pressure on discs, ligaments, and nerve roots. Product features: nylon tether strap to control inversion, ratcheting leg lock system with push-button lever release holds ankles securely, leg support adjustment to fit thigh length, quick-adjust footrest puts you into the correct position to invert, folds for easy storage, locking pivot arms, adjustable lap belt, hand brake holds chair for easy mounting and dismounting, heavy-duty steel frame construction, foam-padded ankle support for added comfort while inverted, skid resistant rubber floor protectors for maximum stability and security, padded handlebars for easier inversion and easier return, and fits users of most heights. Extra $50 shipping charge.

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