WUGGLE PETS (Item #36743)

See Wuggle Pets come to life. Discover the magic of the adorable pet you create. Kids can make their own pet when they fill the stuffing machine, turn the crank, and watch their new friend grow. The kit has everything you need to make your first two Wuggle pets including, 1 stuffing machine, 2 skins (puppy and unicorn), 2 bags of stuffing, 24 colorful personality charms, 1 packet of magic dust, 2 birth certificates and 1 zip up sealing tool. Expand your collection with the refill kit including, 1 skin (monkey, pony, raccoon, or bear), 1 bag of stuffing, charms, 1 birth certificate, magic dust, and a sealing tool.

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wuggle pets additional animals bear

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