Lint Brushes

Removing lint doesn't have to be a hassle! Ensure the safety of your home and the presentation of your clothes with lint brushes and accessories from Taylor Gifts. Remove excess lint from your dryer to prevent the risk of house fires with economy packs of lint brushes. If you still find a few stray fuzzies and strands of hair woven into your favorite sweater after drying, use these convenient large and travel-size lint rollers from Taylor Gifts to easily straighten up their appearance.

Lint brushes from Taylor Gifts make removing lint simple and convenient. Excessive lint slows down your dryer, and can even pose a serious fire risk. Taylor gifts makes removing lint from your dryer a cinch with easy-to-use brushes and suction devices that reach deep in your dryer to remove hard-to-reach lint. If you take your clothes out of the dryer and there's some residual fuzzies intact, Taylor Gifts provides large lint rollers that whisk away fluff, hair and pet fur to keep your clothes looking clean and sharp. Shop at today and discover a variety of great lint-removing solutions.

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